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You Had Me at VINTAGE!

Updated: May 1, 2019

Vintage sheets, lace, buttons, doilies, dresses, aprons, quilts, all linens. LOVE linens!

Jadeite, enamel ware, crockery, kitchen utensils, cast iron, rolling pins, pie pans, canning jars, and on and on! I’m simply smitten! These three vintage cuties below are on display on one of my kitchen walls. (The black ones are cast iron trivets, the white is an iron rest. They add great dimension and visual interest! And they're handy and useful!)

Why do I love them so much? I actually have analyzed this some. I’ve deducted that I’m drawn to them for their nostalgia, as I was born in the 70’s. I find them quite familiar and comforting. The linens especially! I just have to touch each one, and almost always bring at least one home! Fabric brings needed softness to every room, which is why I love displaying vintage aprons in my galley kitchen. They add comfort and calm to an otherwise hard space full of dark wood cabinets and stone counter tops.

A couple of my favorite vintage aprons on display in my kitchen.

And spreading linens out as tablecloths or backdrops for meals, or for entertaining, make especially attractive centerpieces which anchor the display, and also add pleasant detail and softness!

Centerpiece at one of our outdoor movie parties. Love this red vintage spread! (Vintage flour scoop in the popcorn as well!)

I’m pulled toward the kitchenware due to my love of cooking and baking. I imagine the mamas and grand-mamas before me who spent endless hours preparing meals with love using these very items! It’s romantic and special to display them with a nod of honor and respect to those fine ladies of the past.

A few of my vintage rolling pins on display in a vintage crock. Love!

I’m sure my love and draw to these vintage items also has much to do with finding value in these items from years of “antiquing” with my mom and three sisters, yay!! (Y’all know I love girl-time, and especially gatherings with sisters!) As a quality-timer, these were some of my favorite outings together! We got to know each other’s preferences, as well as becoming further acquainted and bonded as sisters and family. Countless hours chatting and perusing antique shops. This helped me hone my taste and find more confidence in my own unique style.

I have come to love all things “farmhouse vintage”! (Picture Joanna Gaine's style. Gor-geous! Yep, I loved it even before the goddess made it the rage!) That’s my style and draw. It takes great willpower not to buy so many things I love when I’m scanning sales! Thankfully, I’ve become pretty good at sticking to budget, and also planning antique trips just during special occasions, like shopping with girlfriends on birthdays and vacations, which of course makes these outings that much more fun and special.

So whether it's vintage linens, kitchenware, cookware, or clothes, I just can't get enough of those gorgeous old pieces!

Who else out there is on the vintage band wagon?! What vintage items do you love?!

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