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Super Simple (& CHEAP) St. Patrick’s Day Center Piece

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

All the girls in my family love to decorate. I am no exception. And we all have our own personal style. Mine is "rustic farmhouse" to the bone. “Nothing too precious here. Come on in, sit anywhere you like, and hang out a while!” This is the message I want to send when folks come in our home. I love comfy and lots of light, earth tones. Marrying old things with new. (Mom did lots of “antiquing” {antique shopping} with us as teens and I've come to appreciate them quite a bit!) I adore every bit, and could reside quite happily, in every single one of Joanna Gaines’ flips!! You get the visual now. (Anyone else request Fixer Upper DVD’s for Christmas each year? No, I don’t have cable.)

Time for decorating is so slim these months between homeschooling, side hustles, taxiing teens, feeding my family, and normal mom and wife life! About the only time I’ve decorated our house the past couple years is for the Christmas season. Seriously. It’s sad. So many spots neglected, and most likely dusty. (Keepin' it real!) Many of the vignettes are the same as when I placed them after unpacking nearly three years ago. Anyone else in the same speed boat?!

So the other day when purging through a closet of past preschool supplies (the last two year’s side hustle), I found a ziplock bag of green slit peas I’d used for a St Patrick’s Day sensory activity, which the kids loved by the way! These greens weren't about to be tossed in the trash! I knew when I saw them what I had to do. Decorate!

It’s SO quick and easy! And cheap!! Perhaps you have the three supplies on hand already? Or you could grab them at the Dollar Store, Walmart or Target on your next shopping run. Here’s the simple tutorial...

You’ll need:

~One bag of dry green split peas ~One cream or white pillar candle ~One tall glass vase

Next, pour the whole bag of dry split peas (about a pound) into the glass vase.

Then press the pillar candle snugly into the dry peas, like so. Tada!

Boom! Done!! See, I told ya it was SO EASY!!

Keep reading for embellishment ideas.

I placed it on this cute green gingham plate I picked up on clearance at Michael's last spring! Perfect!

Then I spotted this cool wood-looking charger nearby, also a Michael's clearance, and decided to add another layer. This brought some good dimension and filled some of the gap space of the table size and the smaller plate. Worked well!

I just couldn't resist tying a strip of my favorite denim ribbon (upcycled jeans!), to the base of the vase to soften it a bit. There! Just right!

Finally, I felt I needed to anchor the center piece with the blank wall behind, so I added a picture to fill in; just leaning on the wall. Do you like this one? Or...

This one? Which do you vote?

I hope this super quick, cheap and easy center piece has inspired you to take just a minute to decorate your table with a little St. Patrick's Day spirit this March 17th! Cheers y'all!

Do you have any dry beans hanging around waiting to take center stage? I'd love to see what you do with them!

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