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Sister-friends! Do You have them?

Me and my oldest sis, Kim during a visit in 1999.

I’ve never known life without sisters. Being the forth child I had two sisters above me when I entered the world. Eight years later, one more was added. Four girls under one roof! (My poor brother! Though he was the oldest and could escape the estrogen as needed.) Our favorite pastimes were tea parties, doing each others hair, and watching chick flicks. We eventually shared shoes, social outings, and tips about boys. Countless hours spent giggling and crying on occasion. It was the best!

Me and my high school bestie, and dear sister-friend, Heidi. Yep, we were "the Heidis" in our youth group. I lived at her house at least half the time! :-D This shot was taken in '99, during a summertime reunion trip.

Then I left home my Washington home for bible college, 2000 miles away in the cornfields of Ohio. The lonely vacuum that met me there was almost unbearable. I had no clue how much I depended on those girls for my sustenance and quality of life. The secluded transition was so hard! But thankfully, the Lord eventually provided me with some sweet girlfriends in my dormitory, then in classmates and roomies! Whew!

College besties (from left) Kelly, me, Cami! This was a reunion trip in 2001. And they are BOTH my treasured sis-in-laws now as well!! Life is good!

Then I got married. The chickless-vacuum that met me was a shock to my system. Living with no sisters, no girlfriends, just me and him. (Living with my Prince Charming wasn't the fairy tail I thought it would to be. But that’s a series for another time.) But that's not all. Three months in, after barely getting started on the whole married life thing, we moved several states south, leaving my girlfriends behind again. Dang IT!

Every time I’ve moved, and there's been many moves, I’ve had to reinvent my friend tribe, to honor my bend toward a thriving life. I'm glad I did! Because many of those friends became like sisters to me. Precious sisters that I needed, during good times, and dang hard ones! Where would I be without them? I have sister-friends scattered across the country! Bless you all my sweeties!!

My North Carolina bestie, and dear sister-friend Donna. Being silly in front of none other then, Cracker Barrel, Honey! 2001, before another move away.

Eventually, after 19 years away from my beloved blood sisters, I came full circle! Hallelujah!!! My family and I moved to beautiful Oregon in 2012 with intent for me to have the great privilege to “live life” along side my three dear sisters once again! FINALLY!! Ahhh!

Accept, that’s not what happened at all. Within six months one sis moved away. Six months after that, another. I’m not even joking! It was heart wrenching!! My third sister, you guessed it, has since moved as well, less then six months ago. All I could think was, “What the heck is happening?!! Why?!!” And talk about punch after punch in the gut! I felt pretty duped!

My younger sister, Holly, moved all the stinkin' way to New Hampshire! Boo hoo!

After stomping, and crying a lot of tears of confusion and fear, I came to the conclusion that God was pushing me, yet again, to be resourceful. Apparently, He was inferring that I was to make sisters of friends once again. I’d become accustomed to it, after all. I finally accepted His nudge and am I’m finding contentment in it.

My Oregon bestie, and treasured sister-friend, Sarena. 2018 at our regular spot, Panara Bread.

Perhaps you’re far from your sisters? Or don’t have any to begin with. Have you considered being resourceful and making sisters of girlfriends? Sure, they’re not “the same” as those you were was raised with, but they do fill the need for companionship, cheerleading, and feminine support right now, today! That’s what is needed! Life with sisters, all brands, is simply the best life!

So, are you lonesome for a sister?

Be brave and ask that nice neighbor lady to coffee. Or ask that girl at the gym you’re feeling drawn to if she’d walk the track with you. Or ask the mamas of your kids’ sport mates, or classmates, and so on. I’ll root you on! You can do this! Cause you never know, you might just be crafting your next sister-friend relationship!

So go get her! I assure you, you won’t be sorry!

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