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Resourceful Folk (Are you one too?)

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

(My mom regrets placing the trendy "burnt edge" of the 70's!
My maternal grandparents. Married during the Great Depression.

The most resourceful people I've ever met are from my grandparent's generation. Those who survived The Great Depression of the 1930s. Both incredibly resilient and ingenious folk! Many of them saved just about everything. Saw a potential use in almost everything. And usually had "it" handy when you needed it. Ya know, like rubber bands saved from celery stocks, cottage cheese tubs for holding leftover, pickle jars for storing crackers, cotton balls, or those rubber bands. So very inventive they were!

Unfortunately, many from younger generations have looked down on them as “hoarders” who held onto everything, or worse, “crap keepers”. But c’mon, give ‘em a break! Don't throw the baby out with the baby bath water! to use an antique term. You can't get one without the other: a resourceful person usually has lots of stuff! (Ask me how I know.)

A few of the bins of "fabric in waiting" in my craft closet. I sorta have an obsession with linens. :-)

As someone who spent their formative years under real financial restrictions, I can sincerely appreciate the Depression Era folks' heart of resourcefulness! Most have passed on now, but they still live on in many of us; inside of me! Life’s harsh circumstances have convinced them that there may not be resources to replace “it” if they get rid of it. I share similar sentiments. Having lived through slim times, several years wondering where provisions would come from, I too converted decades ago to a life of resourcefulness.

Times for Mom, and us four kids, weren’t nearly as rough as it was in the 30s, but I can say with assurance, scarcity does dent you.

My first grade school picture.

But thankfully, there is beauty as well! Not only in the gift of finding contentment with less, but it also brings great creativity and innovation with what is already there! The constraining experiences transform you and give you eyes to see! Recognizing potential in everyday rubbish. Vision and conviction to grant another life to what most would deem worthless.

That’s my story!

Torn fabric garland I made from five upcycled shirts.

I’m proud to be resourceful and imaginative like my grandparents were! I really like using things up, and feeling little temptation to buy more new things. I’m ok stashing away more of my husbands oxford shirts for later crafts, piling brown bags for a rainy day, or shelving yet another li'l glass jar to host nature’s blooms.

Just can't bear to toss these adorable tiny syrup bottles from Cracker Barrel!

Especially, in this age of “green living”, my convictions, to revive normally disregarded stuff, are quite strong! To me it’s truly invigorating! (And I feel lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest full of tree-huggers, who particularly embrace low waste! Boo-ya!)

I know there are many of you out there with this same banner to fly! Wave it high and proud! Indeed, resourceful folks are gifts to the world!

Who else out there is unusually resourceful?!

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