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Is Buying Local Grass-fed Beef Worth It? A Thousand Times, YES!

(This coming from a penny pincer, and eating meat as "garnish"!)

About a decade back, in a church youth group auction, our family won the bid for a quarter of a cow. Random auction prize I know. We’d never bought beef in that fashion before, so when the time came for the butcher to ask me what “cuts” I wanted I was pretty ignorant. I blurted “lots of steaks, roasts and ground beef”. It was a total crap shoot!

And, an adventurous one, as we’d get to experiment with a lot of new beef dishes I’d never cooked before! Truly, I’d only ever cooked with ground beef, (and usually ground turkey) with the occasional stew meat, or steaks, when found on clearance. So this was a really big deal!

What we learned during that year of fresh beef was a few things: ~ Grass fed beef is extremely lean, you don't even have to drain it!! Amazing!

~ I had no idea then how to cook a good steak ~ My man really prefers ground beef over shredded ~ Grass fed beef in bulk is price comparable to store bought, and often cheaper!

~ Grass fed beef is so much healthier for you and your family! ~ Grass fed beef is SO delicious and flavorful, I'll never go back to store bought!!

(I cook 4 pounds of ground beef at a time in my big ol' skillet. "Cook Once, Eat Twice!")

And the best news is, when bought in bulk, grass fed beef is cheaper than store bought beef whose flavor pales in comparison! In 2018 we paid about $4 a pound! Crazy right?!

We decided it was worth every penny, and actually a savings! So we buy a portion of beef each year with our tax return funds, when we have a chunk of cash to pay out. (We wised up last year and bought half a cow vs. a quarter, because we had ran out after nine months in and had to wait (until fall when the next butcher was scheduled), and had to pay big bucks for organic beef at Costco, about $6 a pound. Which is still cheaper than the regular grocery store! We fill the deep freezer and eat like royalty all year! Though I still serve it conservatively, and usually as garnish, on things like taco salad, beef stir fry, spaghetti with meat sauce, or in chili, my son's favorite.

Heidi's (award winning) Homemade Chili

So have I convinced you to give grass fed beef a go? The flavor, the savings, the health benefits! I'm tellin' ya, if you have the chunk of cash, and the deep freezer space, buying in bulk is the way to go for sure!

But, if that's not practical, then buying a few pounds at a time from your local farmers market is a great next option, which we've utilized in times past as well, still just as delicious; often more costly, but worth it!

How many of you are already grass fed beef fans?

Who have I convinced to give it a try now? I'd love to hear your feedback!

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