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"Heidi's Famous Deviled Eggs" Recipe My Easter Gift to Y'all!

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Each holiday, but especially Easter, I’m urged to bring deviled eggs as our family's contributing dish to the feast at our friend's farmhouse. The joke is that the eggs are our admission to get in!

“You've got the eggs?! ...Ok good! You can come in." ;-) Ya, they are that good.

Heidi's Famous Deviled Eggs in our faithful to-go container.

I thought I’d gift you all with my deviled egg recipe as a Resurrection Day treat! They're smooth, savory and delicious! Not to mention simple and cheap to boot!! (This is the real reasons it's my go-to potluck dish!)

Heidi's Famous Deviled Eggs:


Dozen large eggs

3/4 cup Dukes Mayo (Give or take. I like a lot!)

2-3 Tbs quality mustard

Salt & pepper to taste

Alton Brown, food scientist, and my son's favorite Food Network chef (we buy him a new Good Eats DVD each Christmas to build his video library! #learningneverstops), taught us how to boil the perfect egg! ("Thank you, AB!") Yes, it makes a big difference! His method makes them CREAMY vs. dry!

Start by placing your eggs in a medium saucepan. Cover with tepid water. Bring to a rolling boil. Place lid on the sauce pan and cut the heat. Yep! Turn the burner off! Set your timer for 12 minutes. When your timer beeps, drain the boiling water, then cover the eggs with equal parts cold water and ice, to cool them quickly. Let them cool for about half an hour. Peel shells, cut in half lengthwise. (Tip: I cut them with a paring knife, rather than a steak knife, as it does not leave serrated marks on the whites. Yes, I care about that.) Pop out the yokes, with a spoon, into your Kitchenaid mixing bowl.

Add Dukes mayo, the "secret ingredient" and the reason they're so dreamy delicious! (Yes, even before we made them creamy Alton's way!) Add quality mustard, we use French's, and mix with whisk attachment until creamy and most lumps are smoothed. Season with salt and pepper to suit your taste.

Arrange the egg whites into your travel container, or serving dish. Scoop egg mixture into a piping bag, or sandwich bag which I prefer since it can just be thrown away afterward. Snip one corner of the baggie off (a bit smaller than a dime) and squeeze evenly into the prepared egg whites.

Garnish the top with fresh cracked pepper (my preference), or paprika. Keep in a cooler until you arrive at the festivities. May you and all your friends enjoy!

Q made these ADORABLE chick deviled eggs all by herself! She was very proud!

A couple years back Q (found on Pinterest) and made the cutest deviled eggs ever for our Easter feast (using olives for the eyes and carrots for the beak)! They were almost too cute to eat, but we still did! ;-) If you feel inspired to go all out and attempt this festive version, I'm sure your crew will be delighted and impressed!

Hope you and yours enjoy a wonderful Easter celebration, whether you make deviled eggs or some other savory dish! Blessings, y'all! Gotta go make mine now! ;-)

Anyone else's go-to potluck dish deviled eggs? If not, what's your favorite dish to share with friends?

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