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For the Love of Onions! {Chopped & Ready When You Need Them!}

I have a good friend who developed a very unfortunate intolerance during her fourth pregnancy, that remains with her to this day: ONIONS! (Strange right? Has anyone else ever heard of this?!) They give her horrible stomachaches; she said it’s just not worth it. I feel awful for her! Her choices are pretty limited. And she can forget ever picking up any pre-made sauces and such; they all contain onion! (Even the fancy stuff at Trader Joe’s!) Poor girl! Let’s all say a prayer for her, huh? I simply wouldn’t know how to cook if this happened to me! (Thankfully, I have no intentions of having more than my two babies, so hopefully I’m in the clear!)

I put onions in everything!! Ok, everything savory! Anyone else love onions so much?! With this handy tip, you will SAVE SO MUCH TIME! That's right, no more chopping half an onion every time you need it (and the other half dies in the fridge)! No more wasted time slicing onion for every single meal you need them for!

Onion is my main flavor base for nearly every dish! No kidding! (That, and garlic. Yum-O!) Because I use onion so often I’ve formed a handy habit of keeping minced onion cubes in the freezer to have ready when I need them, which is super often, as I said!! Like, several times a week!

When I was a young bride I found a cookbook called, Once a Month Cooking. In it these missionary ladies prepped tons of things in one weekend to free themselves up from long daily mealtime prep for an entire month. Brilliant right?! I know! One of the time-savers these ladies incorporated was chopping vegetable and freezing them; onions being one them. Well, I adopted the idea right away and have been doing it ever since. It’s saved SO many hours, and tears, over the years! It’s pretty simple, especially if you have a food processor! (Such a handy tool!)

Here's what to do:

Start by chunk cutting the onions and placing it in the food processor, up to the full line. I can fit 2-3 onions in my processor at a time.

Tip: Do this onion chopping job before you apply your eye make-up, to avoid having to reapply after the onion tears have taken over! I'm always so glad when I remember to follow this advice!

Whirl the onion in the processor until it's minced to the consistency you prefer. I make then pretty tiny, so most couldn't detect they where there if they had issues with onion texture. (Great for kids who "don't like onions"!) I whirl mine for about 30 seconds, scrape down the sides, then buzz it for another 10-15 seconds.


I spoon the minced onion into a designated ice cube tray, as the strong onion flavor does stain the tray and would affect the flavor if you used it for say, regular ice cubes. (Place any extra minced onion in a glass container and keep it in the fridge until the cubes are frozen, then refill the tray and repeat the process.)


I cover the onion filled tray with tinfoil so it doesn't spill or spread, then I place it on a flat surface in the freezer for several hours, or overnight. (Also, since my tray is silicone and flippy, I reinforce it with a small cutting board.)

The next day (or after several hours):

After onions solidify, remove them from the freezer, peel off the foil, then drop frozen cubes into labeled freezer bag.


Finally, seal the bag and place the onion cubes in a prominent place, like the freezer door, to find them quickly each time you need them, which for me is multiple times a week!

You're Set!

Now, you will have onions minced and ready to roll! (You can of course cut any way you please, like in big chunks for stew, slicing in rings for fajitas or grill them to top burgers like we did this week {Yay for sunshine!} and preserve them in freezer bags just the same.) Whether you're sauteing them for a stir fry, simmering them in soup, browning them for a sauce or rue, and so much more, you will be SO THANKFUL you worked ahead of time, especially on those busy nights, and prepped all those beloved ONIONS for your month's worth of meals!

Enjoy y'all! Bless you and yours as you feast and savor that yummy onion flavor!

Anyone else addicted to onions? What's your favorite way to eat them?

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