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Celebrating Pi Day Equals Good Eatin’!

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

“The area of a circle equals Pi times the radius squared.”

That was from memory, y’all! Thank you to Classical Conversations for helping educate my kids and me, with that handy math song we’ve sang at least a thousand times!

Pi, a math measurement related to a circle’s circumference, is rounded to 3.14 (click here for a full description).

As a fully right-brained creative type, I openly confess, I am not a math lover. So, I didn’t know “Pi Day” was a thing until our kids were a couple years into private school, where they celebrated it with great gusto! Pi =3.14, so if we’re talking about our calendar it is, of course, March 14. On this day, their teachers’ math lesson would introduce, or refresh the students on what Pi was and its meaning. Then, at the day’s end, they would break out the PIE! Being that I worked onsite as an aide, I was offered a scrumptious slice as well. This is when I knew "Pi Day" was a holiday even I could embrace!

Even though it was over five years ago when we were introduced we Woodalls still celebrate Pi Day...with gusto! And with or without the refresher on circle references, we always have PIE! (Doesn’t take much convincing me to eat more round deliciousness!) We tend to emphasize baking way more than math on March 14, but I'm cool with that, and so are the kids! We make several pies even, if there’s time! Here’s our list of favorite pies for the big day...

Pi Day Faves:

Breakfast: Quiche with spinach and cheddar (I've not actually tried this recipe, but it had 5 stars and says it's "easy"! Plus it calls for mayo, my favorite condiment!)

Q's scrumpious duck egg quiche. Rich and delish!

Lunch: Cool Veggie pie

Dinner: Pizza Pie, homemade or take out! (Costco's are delish, and just $10!)

Dessert: Peanut butter pie, J's favorite! Or berry pie, mine! (We put portioned bags of berries in the freezer after harvesting for days just like this!) Um, a' la mode, please!

Q's scratch pie! Yum-O!
Q's beautiful and delicious homemade blackberry pie! Complete with signature lattice crust, homemade as well. #kidscook

Pi(e) Day has definitely become a day to look forward to in our house each March! And one that pulls us forward during the final dragging days of winter, as well as those dreary homeschool days inside. I hope you've become inspired to value Pi Day as well and whip up, or pick up (support the locals!), a pie or two to celebrate 3.14 'round the table with your sweet crew!

So do you celebrate Pi Day? If so, what’s your favorite pies that help your gang appreciate the day?

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